About David

My Story

I am a visionary leader, a strategic thinker and a sport for social impact enthusiast, who is dedicated to transform the lives of young Africans through play. I believe that if we are all given a chance to be ourselves we can rediscover the hidden potential that we have never imagined that we possess and playing field is the best place to discover this because we all like to play.

Green-Kenya was founded with the same vision to mold individuals, a family, a community, and eventually a world in which youth and adults learn, grow and work together as catalyst for positive change. Under Green-Kenya banner, we have unique life transforming programs and events that have touched thousands of lives, from Community Impact Program that Strengthen the resilience and life skills of Children through social football sessions to Kick and conserve that gives Children opportunity to plant a tree in their primary school life to Wasichana Juu  which is also known us Girls Up that support adolescent girls and women to lead a focused lifestyles by taking part in development and providing a broad range of opportunities through Sport among other programs.

These are some of the inspiring stories that we would like to share with young people to ignite, inspire and convince anyone that your dream is possible if you work on it. I also like to share personal stories of how it all began, like working at the age of 14, how volunteering has opened doors that I could not open for myself and building an organization form the ground up.

I am doing this through speaking engagements in primary schools, higher learning institutions, with clubs and organizations. These life changing moments can be found on line

"...that your dream is possible if you work on it."